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house The global economy is facing a ‘triple crunch’. It is a combination of a credit-fuelled financial crisis, accelerating climate change and the looming peak in oil production. These three overlapping events threaten to develop into a perfect storm, the like of which has not been seen since the Great Depression. To help prevent this from happening, and to lay the foundations of the economic systems of the future, we need a Green New Deal.

There is still time. Act now and a positive course of action based on the framwork set out in A Green New Deal can pull the world back from economic and environmental meltdown.

Climate QE for Paree

Over the summer of this year the idea of Green Infrastructure Quantitative Easing morphed into People’s Quantitative Easing and was adopted by Jeremy Corbyn in his Labour leadership bid. Much ink was spilt as a result, and the idea found some significant support, as well as some dogmatic opposition. However, the simple fact is that when [...]

It’s fine to print money so long as it’s not for people

This letter was published in the Guardian this morning:
Memo to Lord Adonis in his new role as adviser on infrastructure projects: read Zoe Williams’ article on the use of quantitative easing for green and social investment (It’s fine to print money, so long as it’s not for the people, 5 October). As the dark, deflationary [...]

QE for Europe

The Guardian published this letter today:
Larry Elliott is right to say that rather than crushing Greece’s economy and democracy, there should instead be a massive debt write-off and a return to sustainable economic activity in that cruelly ruined country (Condemned to debtors’ prison, barely a chink of light filtering through its bars, 14 July).

This could [...]

US presidential candidate backs the Green New Deal

US Green Party Presidential Candidate Dr Jill Stein has backed the Green New Deal – which she looks to have lifted wholesale from the work of this group. In an interview with Elle magazine she said:
The Green New Deal is an emergency solution to two big crises. One is the crisis of the economy, which is actually [...]

Caroline Lucas: We need to invest in a positive, green and socially just future

This article was in the New Statesmen this week, authored by Green New Deal member Caroline Lucas MP:

Next week the Conservatives will present their first Budget as a majority Government.
The context is grim.
Progress on child poverty, surely a bellwether for good government, has stalled – with one in six children living in poverty. And when [...]

How to get the economy working for all of us

This is the latest Green New Deal letter in the Guardian:
Central banks printing more money through quantitative easing do not risk hyper-inflation. The US, UK, Japan and recently the EU have printed or plan to print about a staggering £5tn of QE money and yet deflation, not inflation, is still a major economic threat. To [...]

How Green Infrastructure Quantitative Easing would work

Quantitative Easing is back on the global economic and political agenda. The growing threat of deflation has meant that Japan has just reintroduced QE, and the European Central Bank has begun its own programme to deal with the serious economic problems of the Eurozone. The UK is also facing economic difficulties, including inadequate tax revenues, [...]

Let’s talk about what kind of QE can actually turn the economy round

This letter was published in the Financial Times today:
Sir, You are correct to say (“No need for hostilities in the phoney currency war”, editorial, January 24) that the eurozone’s problem is weak domestic demand, but wrong to claim that the usual form of QE could solve this. The experience of the UK’s £375bn programme was [...]

Obama’s example for the UK

This is from the Guardian today:
Larry Elliott is right to be sceptical about whether the trillion-euro dose of QE will solve Europe’s economic problems (Report, 21 January). Like its £375bn UK predecessor, it will buy government bonds from banks and, as happened here, that money won’t generate economic activity in the real economy, but instead [...]

Money no obstacle for Europe: Green QE and fair tax funded infrastructure can replace austerity’s ‘road to ruin’

The Green New Deal Group launched a new report today on the need for Green Infrastructure Quantitative Easing and the collection of money owed by tax cheats as the way forward for Europe, not a form of QE that is already causing economic nightmares and damage in the impact it has already had on Switzerland.  In a [...]