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Discussion paper: Help save Europe with a Green New Deal

A call to action from the Green New Deal Group.

£100 billion lost to tax ‘flaws and holes’

Green New Deal Group calls for a ‘Great Tax Parachute’ as alternative to spending cuts, to save the public finances and give the economy a soft landing.

Cuts won’t work, but green spending will reduce public debt, create jobs, cut carbon, says Green New Deal Group

Two days ahead of the pre-budget report, and as the UN climate change talks open in Copenhagen – the second report from the author’s of the original Green New Deal says that the Chancellor is likely to miss a historic opportunity to tackle public debt, create thousands of new green jobs and kick-start the transformation to a low-carbon economy.

Brown’s new green spending delays carbon build-up by less than half a day

Government’s new and additional green investment is a mere fraction of the bonuses awarded to the top staff at the failed Royal Bank of Scotland, according to a new report by Green New Deal publisher nef (the new economics foundation).