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house The global economy is facing a ‘triple crunch’. It is a combination of a credit-fuelled financial crisis, accelerating climate change and the looming peak in oil production. These three overlapping events threaten to develop into a perfect storm, the like of which has not been seen since the Great Depression. To help prevent this from happening, and to lay the foundations of the economic systems of the future, we need a Green New Deal.

There is still time. Act now and a positive course of action based on the framwork set out in A Green New Deal can pull the world back from economic and environmental meltdown.

A Green New Deal for Britain – do we need a Kennedy moment to bring it about?

Colin Hines had this letter in the Guardian on 14 May 2019:
Your editorial (13 May) correctly states that Britain needs a Green New Deal now, and indeed in your letters page last autumn (10 September) our report detailing what form such a “jobs in every constituency” Green New Deal could take, and how to pay for it, [...]

Ensuring public support for activists’ demands

Colin Hines had this letter in the Financial Times on 4 May 2019:

Ensuring public support for activists’ demands

Your editorial “Enter the age of activism on climate change”, April 27) correctly welcomes the passing of the intergenerational baton from Sir David Attenborough to Greta Thunberg. However, to result in public support for the massive systemic change [...]

Greta Thunberg hits the nail on the head

This letter was in The Guardian on 24 April 2019:
Greta Thunberg hits the nail on the head in calling for more support from the older generation and for the unions to get more active in tackling climate change (Activist lends support to general strike for the climate, 23 April). A crucial part of generating this [...]

A Social and Green New Deal to reverse the populist tide

This article by Colin Hines was first published on Social Europe on 23 April 2019:
The setback to the immediate plans of those seeking the UK’s exit from the European Union provides a window of opportunity to go on the offensive for an anti-populist, continent-wide alternative.
The UK now has around six months to sort out the [...]

Larry Elliott on the Green New Deal

This comes from the Guardian on 23 April 2019:
In 2007, Larry Elliott met a friend to discuss the financial crisis. Over the course of the evening, and several drinks, they cooked up the Green New Deal – a plan to deal with the effects of the economic crisis and the threat of climate change. They formed [...]

The local Green New Deal

It’s easy to think the Green New Deal is all about massive programmes for change. And in part that’s true. But there is also a great deal that can be done locally. In anticipation of local elections in some parts of the UK Richard Murphy prepared these ideas on what might be done locally to [...]

We’re hiring

Since it was founded in the UK in 2007, the Green New Deal (GND) programme for reducing climate emissions and transforming our economy has gone global. The GND founding group are looking for an experienced and passionate researcher, with excellent people and political skills, to help strengthen and grow political support here in the UK, [...]

Seeing off the Brexit Blues with a Green New Deal

This post by Colin Hines was on Brave New Europe on 29 March 2019:
Some History
Shortly before the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008 a group of UK environmentalists and economists published the first ‘Green New Deal’ report This proposed a labour intensive green infrastructure programme which would tackle the crises of climate change and help [...]

Green QE can apply to the Bank of England too

Caroline Lucas MP, a member of the Green New Deal Group, had this letter published in the Financial Times on 13 March 2019:
Green QE can apply to the Bank of England too
From Caroline Lucas MP, House of Commons, UK
Your editorial’s call for the EU’s European Investment Bank to print bonds that the European Central Bank could [...]

A Green New Deal would put jobs first

From the Financial Times on 5 February 2019:

A Green New Deal would put jobs first
From Colin Hines, Twickenham, Middlesex, UK
Robert Hockett is correct that it is better to spend a large amount on a Green New Deal sooner rather than a crippling amount later as the damage caused by climate change worsens (February 4). But [...]