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house The global economy is facing a ‘triple crunch’. It is a combination of a credit-fuelled financial crisis, accelerating climate change and the looming peak in oil production. These three overlapping events threaten to develop into a perfect storm, the like of which has not been seen since the Great Depression. To help prevent this from happening, and to lay the foundations of the economic systems of the future, we need a Green New Deal.

There is still time. Act now and a positive course of action based on the framwork set out in A Green New Deal can pull the world back from economic and environmental meltdown.

The world really has no other choice but the Green New Deal

This letter was in the Guardian on 7 December 2018:
Your editorial’s revelation (6 December) that the 2014-16 carbon reductions were the result of an economic slowdown that helped fuel the rise of populism appears daunting for future climate-change initiatives. However, rising carbon emissions and extreme rightwing electoral advances can be reversed. This will require a massive [...]

Project hope and the Green New Deal

Colin Hines had a letter in The Guardian on 22 November tackling the difficult issue of how to address populism, which he linked to the need for a Green New Deal:
Your chilling, but hardly surprising, front-page revelation that one in four Europeans vote populist was long on excellent analysis, but lacked any solutions. Reversing this trend and its [...]

Prevent Another Economic Meltdown With A European Green New Deal

This article was first posted on Social Europe on 4 October 2018:
n the acres of recent coverage about the causes of the Lehman Brothers collapse and how to ensure it doesn’t happen again, there was much emphasis on changing the EU’s economic imperatives away from austerity policies that contributed to Brexit, the rise of the extreme [...]

Greening the economy

The letter was in The Observer on 30 September:
Will Hutton is correct that public resistance to austerity and increasing support for tax and spend should provide a huge opportunity for Labour, but that its present stance on Brexit could keep it from power (“In Britain’s chaotic rail system – as elsewhere – we need a [...]

Corbyn’s green job revolution

This letter was published by the Guardian on 27 September:
Jeremy Corbyn’s speech had three crucial and interlinked components: the need to transform the economy, to prioritise improving conditions in the “left-behind” areas, and a call for a “green jobs revolution in every nation and region”. But your editorial (27 September) made the common mistake of emphasising wind [...]

Cross party support for the Green New Deal

This letter was in the Guardian this morning, referring to the new Green New Deal report:
Ten years ago this week the Lehman Brothers collapse heralded the worst global economic crisis since the 30s, the political, economic and social effects of which are still being felt today. To help ensure that these adverse trends are reversed it [...]

Jobs in Every Constituency – the promise of the Green New Deal

The Green New Deal Group has launched a new report this morning. This is a summary:
Jobs in Every Constituency
A Green New Deal Election Manifesto
To return a sense of hope for the future and economic security for all, the government and all political parties need urgently to consider embracing a ‘jobs in every constituency’ Green New [...]

How we can save some of the jobs destroyed by rise of the machines

This letter was published in The Guardian on 10 August 2018:
Kim and Nick Hoare’s heartfelt call for a cross-party action programme for tackling climate change is crucial (Letters, 9 August).
Yet there is a way that the UK could contribute to substantially reducing its domestic carbon emissions while addressing the other serious threat of rapid and ubiquitous automation [...]

The Green New Deal and automation

This letter was published in the Guardian on 4 May 2018:
John Harris is right to say the left has articulated no comprehensive answer to the existing and future threats posed to employment by automation. Key to this must be prioritising labour-intensive sectors that are difficult to automate, such as health, education and elderly care. Equally [...]

Coming Soon: a Green New Deal 10 years after report

The Green New Deal group came together in 2007 because its members were all convinced that a huge economic downturn was imminent and that one answer to it would be a Green New Deal to fund green infrastructure that could help tackle climate change and generate, jobs and business and savings opportunities in every constituency.
Ten [...]